Internet Addiction Disorder: How to Stop, Prevent and Cure

photo of internet addiction
Hi, my names Tom I’m a former internet addict. I set up this website as a resource to help others also cure their internet addiction disorder. Written below is a short guide I’ve created that outlines:

1. Internet Addiction Disorder – what it is.
2. Internet Addiction Effects – the negative side effects that are caused by internet addiction.
3. Internet Addiction Statistics – how common is internet addiction.
4. Internet Addiction Symptoms & Test – find out if you have internet addiction by taking a simple test.
5. Internet Addiction Help & Cure – the exact steps you can take to help stop internet addiction.

Please contact me if you feel there is anything I should add to this website and I hope you find it helpful. Also, please tell us your story about internet addiction by joining and signing the Facebook Group.