What is Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD)?

photo of internet addiction disorder

Internet addiction disorder (IAD) is the excessive and compulsive use of the internet which interferes and damages your daily life.

There are different types of activities on the internet which you can be addicted to. These different types of internet addiction include the following:

-Social Networking Addiction (Facebook addiction)
-Email addiction
-Internet forum/message board addiction
-Internet videogame addiction
-News website addiction
-Social media website addiction

Internet addiction can also overlap with other compulsive activities such as:

-Shopping addiction
-Gambling addiction
-Pornography addiction

Some people prefer to see internet addiction classified as more of a compulsion whilst other people see internet addiction as not an addiction in itself but more as a symptom of other underlying disorders. For example, internet addiction may be compared to food addiction where people overeat as a form of self medication against underlying issues such as depression or anxiety.